"I'm just saying, Max, that when Ikeda fixed my dick on, she used tape, I'm assuming my finger may need the same treatment."
—Rust to Max
Rusty Rust was a solder stationed at Blood Gulch during the 3rd Generation. He specialized in mechanics and was often seen as one of the many canyon idiots.  He showed mediocre combat skills, favoring his trusty side arms entitled "Rusty Jr" and "Rusty Jr Jr". He has an unrequited love for Ovens, ordering several in supply drops since his arrival in the Gulch. He was the Second in Command of Green Team, and one of the soldiers who participated in the betrayal of Comrade Codrum at the end of the rebellion. After this, he switched sides to Blue Team.  7 years later, after the fall of Blood Gulch, Rust left to Vegas Quadrant, where he joined the merchants became an oven salesman.