Red Team is one of two teams to officially occupy Blood Gulch. The team is led by Meredith (CO) and Filch (SIC/stand-in CO), with Shade as a 3rd in command (TIC). It is comprised of five active Squads and owns just one single base, which has been personalized by its occupants in the 3rd Generation.

Prior to the 2nd Generation, Red Team was made up of only five varied and unique people. These people were the last ones to leave the canyon out of the Reds and Blues, and a final attack on Blue Team is what technically won them the war.

Red Team Order of BattleEdit

While there used to be a set chain of command, the order of battle is more 'trickle down' in style; orders get passed down to the necessary people and are executed when required.

Command ElementEdit

  • Sergeant Meredith - CO
  • Corporal Filch - SIC
  • - S1SL
  • - S2SL
  • - S3SL
  • Lance Corporal Shade - S4SL/TIC
  • Lance Corporal Sleet - S5SL