Max Maxwell is a neutral medic in Blood Gulch. She arrived in the first wave of the 3rd Generation under the supervision of Doctor Hearth, but soon enough their interests became separated (Max being dedicated to being a medic while Hearth was interested in science). Eventually, Max became the Head Medic in the canyon after months of being the go-to medic and always getting the job done, with a side of sarcasm.

Brief History Edit

Early on, Max made a few friends with the people around the canyon; some of them her patients, others were fellow medical personnel like Wade. One of them, Campbell, she helped conduct an experiment on. When this experiment led to him feeling shameful, she apologized and they became close. After he nearly died just days later, she had trouble nursing him back to health because she was so scared of losing him. When Campbell noticed this, they had a chat that ended with them being in a relationship.

Once the Cafe was built and Wade set up a lab in there, Max spent time learning from him and being his assistant. Together they engineered a biological weapon out of sentient alien goop, and also had some of said goop as a pet.

Max also made great friends with neighborhood nerds and workshoppers such as Sky, Magnus and Connors, together forming a friend group they called The Musketeers.

As a non-combatant, Max has only been injured twice in Blood Gulch; once from an aircraft crash during the alien invasion, the other from a gunshot in the leg by Cornelius for trying to heal Sky.

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