"Luck doesn't exist, dude. Good luck with that."
—Campbell to D who was trying to train his "Luck".

'''Soupy "Dan" Campbell '''is one of the soldiers that arrived in Blood Gulch along with the beginning of the 3rd Generation. Soon after arrival, Campbell proved himself worthy in combat and handling the chaos of war, which earned him the position of SIC. Campbell believes in peace but also believes in fighting for peace, and cutting out dangers/problems. Upon the loss of his boss Wilcox, Campbell became the CO of Blue Team. After Green Team was abolished, Campbell gave up his position as the CO of the Blues and became a Neutral, even building a house in Blue Base's backyard.

Brief History Edit

Campbell has a rather large and established (yet normal) backstory. He was a slacker all through school and failed out of college, refusing to get a decent job and move out of his mother's house. Eventually, his mother kicked him out and signed him up for the military. Scrawny and fragile, the military threw him into Blood Gulch thinking him useless.

Once he received his promotion to SIC, Campbell helped Wilcox establish the squad system for Blue Team. While he was dominant in the ranks, he had difficulty with socializing and getting to know the rest of the canyon. He often found himself depressed, until a string of events led to his friendship with Blaise and a relationship with Max.

He grew from there, changing incredibly compared to the way he was prior to the military. He got fit, trained himself in hand-to-hand, and made more and more friends. He also made some rivals, and even technically died twice only to be revived by Wilcox, and Wade with Max's help.

He and Das were the soldiers who ended up taking out the Gas Guzzler aboard Sam's Frigate, avenging Agent California. This led to him finding a tacpad on Cali's body, which was useful in finding out about his sister Kristen coming to the canyon.

The discovery about Command being an enemy motivated him to take charge of the preparations for battle and defense of the canyon.

After the loss of his friend and boss Wilcox, Campbell took over as CO of Blue Team and had Blaise as his SIC.

In the fight against the Splinters, Campbell was captured and imprisoned briefly. When Fireteam Delta broke him out, he and Dakota Ryan took down Agent Louisiana together.

In the takeover of Red Base by Green Team, Purple Team arose with Campbell as its leader.

When Green Team was abolished after one final standoff, Campbell decided to leave Blue Team, as he had long been disapproving of the team system and the issues that come up with it. He became a Neutral and lives by it now.

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